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a man-in-the-middle SSL proxy & traffic analyzer

Screenshot of HoneyProxy

HoneyProxy is a lightweight tool that allows live HTTP(S) traffic inspection and analysis.
It focuses on features that are useful for malware analysis and network forensics.


Looking for more? Check out our GitHub wiki!

Quick Start

Download the latest release or pick a development snapshot.

Install all dependencies: pip install pyOpenSSL pyasn1 Twisted Autobahn==0.6.5
Windows users: Install the binaries for pyOpenSSL and Twisted manually (or compile yourself).
Ubuntu / Debian users: Install twisted as a package (sudo apt-get install python-twisted). If you get errors, check this page.

Start HoneyProxy with python or python --help.
If you don't use a modern browser, a kitten will die. We support both Firefox and Chrome!

Most command line parameters are documented in the mitmproxy docs.