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a man-in-the-middle SSL proxy & traffic analyzer

20. January 2012

Release: HoneyProxy 1.1 - Dubai

Ready for the Honeynet Project Meeting in February, we are pleased to announce our second release of HoneyProxy!
This release features a new Report Editor which allows you to analyze your flows, aggregate data or search for anomalies in your traffic dumps. It is our first independent release after Google Summer of Code 2012 and I'm happy to say that HoneyProxy has grown steadily over the last months.

Screenshot of the Report Editor

The release name is attributed to the HoneyNet Project Workshop and Member Meetup in Dubai this February.
Thank you for your support!

20. August 2012

Release: HoneyProxy 1.0

After a very successful Google Summer of Code 2012, we are pleased to announce the initial release of HoneyProxy.
Our proxy has grown steadily over the last months and is considered to be stable now.